LEAD-DOG Helmet Light RDB-35

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Our brightest light, Halogen IR Technology, Longer range than any LED models on the market.

Look, See and Be Seen brilliant 35watt Halogen spot light Wires easily to existing 12v headlight/brakelight systems OR ANY 12 volt battery.

Light up the area around you where your machines headlight cannot shine by looking where you want to see.

Along with the glow red taillight housing there is a brake light feature that is activated when you apply your machines brakes.

Attaches to helmet securely with VELCRO, and fits in your pocket when not in use!



1 review for LEAD-DOG Helmet Light RDB-35

  1. 5 out of 5
    Rated 5 out of 5


    have been using the LEAD-DOG Helmet Light for several years here in Alaska. Over the years I have had several opportunities to experience the benefits first hand. I wanted to thank the developers and share some of the benefits that I have personally experienced with others considering one. I will list the benefits that I have experienced below and I am sure that other users could add to this list from their own experiences.

    1) Adds additional power to the main headlight for added safety & comfort.
    2) Ability to direct the light beam wherever you are looking to locate trail markers, wildlife, or anything else important off to the sides.
    3) Adds an elevated brake and tail light above the snow dust from the track to aid anyone following you, or you following them. This is Huge!
    4) Ability to see the surface ahead when your headlight is pointed up such as when water skipping overflow, or climbing in deep powder at night.
    5) The heat of the Halogen light keeps the lens ice and snow free when traveling in heavy weather, unlike some of the LED’s used by others.
    6) Redundant head and tail light if the primary fails, and one is required to depart a checkpoint for safety, or just to see your way.
    7) Can be used as a utility work light to make repairs as long as 12V power is available from any machine.
    8) Small and lightweight for packing when not in use, or as a spare.

    The above is my list of personally experienced benefits of using the LEAD-DOG Helmet Light over the past years of riding in Alaska. Thank You LEAD-DOG for making several of the rides of me and my family safer and more enjoyable.

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