Helmet Mount LED & Halogen Spot Light for ATVs,  Motorcycles, and Snowmobiles.

Enjoy safer riding—both night and day—with your LEAD-DOG Helmet Light. Light up the night right where it matters, WHERE YOU ARE LOOKING! The powerful long life halogen bulb illuminates trail markers up to a mile away. And it lights up where ever you are looking as you ride your snowmobile, ATV, or motorcycle. That’s something a static headlight cannot do.

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EASILY installs to existing light system.

LED or Halogen? Which should you choose?

Halogen Lights for Cold Climates

Recommended for winter environments as the halogen light gives off heat that assists with melting the ice and snow that can build and cover the light when riding in cold climates.

LED Lights for Warm to Hot Climates

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