Enjoy safer riding—both night and day—with your LEAD-DOG Helmet Light. Light up the night right where it matters, WHERE YOU ARE LOOKING! The powerful long life halogen bulb illuminates trail markers up to a mile away. And it lights up where ever you are looking as you ride your snowmobile, ATV, or motorcycle. That’s something a static headlight cannot do.

With the spotlight on, the entire LEAD-DOG Helmet Light glows a brilliant red for others to see in back of you and from the sides. It’s like a taillight on your helmet. The brake light feature is activated when you apply your brakes for even more safety when riding with others, especially when your machine’s taillight is obscured by snow or dust.

The LEAD-DOG Helmet Light is easy to wire into your snowmobile, ATV, or motorcycle’s existing headlight and brake light system. We provide complete and simple instructions. A simple connection of three wires and the LEAD-DOG Helmet Light is ready to light up your adventures. The LEAD-DOG Helmet Light unplugs at your handlebars or other convenient location when not in use.

The LEAD-DOG Helmet Light is held securely to the top of the helmet with an adhesive-backed strip of VELCRO®. Just plug the LEAD-DOG Helmet Light in, secure the VELCRO® backed LEAD-DOG Helmet Light to the VELCRO® strip on your helmet, and you are ready to go on your next adventure with the peace of mind that you can look, see and be seen.