1) Which is better, LED or Halogen lights?
Each of them have their own characteristics. Halogen light reaches out farther than LED light does. That is why you are now only seeing that newly manufactured automobiles are coming with LED headlights as an option. The LED technology still is not cost friendly or output friendly as halogen is. For snow applications, the heat generated by halogen guarantees that snow and frost will not cover the halogen bulb as there is melting. LED produces no heat, which for motorcycle or sand riding can be beneficial. LED bulbs draw less wattage for the same light output which is beneficial if you are using a battery only application as you get longer run time off the battery. The biggest difference is the cost of each.

2) How powerful is the spot light?
Our LEAD-DOG is the ONLY light that you need on your machine. It is a headlight, taillight and brake light. Our halogen spot light will light up a stop sign a mile away. Our LED bulb is pretty darn close to that. Plenty of motorcycle customers ONLY have a LEAD-DOG for light. Even spring snowmobile or custom snowmobiles with no headlights use a LEAD-DOG for it’s only light source.

3) Is a wireless helmet light available?
No, again technology for wireless is not only cost prohibitive, but the cord serves a great purpose in that a dropped light in snow will get lost in the snow without the cord as a tracking devise!

4) What kind of battery can I use if I want to go with a battery only application?
Any 12 volt battery will work. Whether you want to mount a battery onto your machine, use a handlebar bag, or carry a battery in your pocket. Sealed lead acid batteries are great as they are inexpensive and very easily recharged with a simple cigarette lighter plug. Some newer lithium and Nicad batteries are also becoming more cost friendly. The size of battery will determine how long your run time is for your LEAD-DOG.

5) What type of machines can I use my LEAD-DOG on?
We have had everything from snowmobiles, motorcycles, quads, and bicycles to wheelchairs, boats, and riding mowers. Wherever you need light at night, a LEAD-DOG can work GREAT!