Faeo-newDear Steve, Thank you for introducing me to your great product. Your helmet light works like a champ at night in Alaska. It was extremely useful in the twilight hours when I was rendering first aid to my injured partner in the Iron Dog this year. (more…)
John Faeo
Steve, Just wanted to send you a big thank you! Having the LEAD-DOG Helmet Light turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We went on the Trek over the Top Poker Run (Tok to Dawson). Just under 100 miles of our 200 mile trek, one of our sleds experienced engine problems and we towed it into Dawson. We had started late to begin with and by the time we started towing it was getting dark. The trail over the top has a lot of side hilling and lots of drifted snow, which makes it very hard to negotiate under good circumstances. Towing makes it even more difficult. In low light conditions, it can be downright dangerous. With help from the helmet light I was able to bring us into Dawson safely. The ability to see down, left or right of the snowmobile’s headlight, is the key factor that makes it so unique. Also, the towed sled, was better able to see when I was braking to avoid collision. All in all, the LEAD-DOG Helmet Light is an excellent tool and will always be with me on all my adventures! Thank you, Sincerely, Kevin Eggleston
Kevin Eggleston
All I can say is wow! I can't figure how I've rode so long without your light on my head! Took it out for a ride 2 nights ago and couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Everywhere I looked there was light. I am a captain on the local Fire Dept. here in town and am going to show your light to the county search & rescue, I think it is something that would really benefit their efforts! Thanks again for a great product! I would like to link you on my website as well. Please take a look and if a link would interest you let me know and I'll add yours in. www.blackicecoatings.com Lee Mecham
Lee Mecham
The Hamburg Volunteer Fire Department ATV Search and Rescue Team has two helmet lights that we use during searches, rescues, and other off road emergencies. They are great for lighting up side trails and trail markers that normally would not be seen with the ATV headlights. They are also fantastic for lighting up patients when we are administering first aid. (more…)
New York Fire Department S.T.A.R.